Farsi Persian Transparent Keyboard Stickers - Labels - Overlays with Blue Characters for White Ivory Computer Keyboard

Farsi Language Keyboard Stickers go on your keyboard to convert it to a bilingual Farsi/English keyboard.

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Stickers with blue letters. Your English characters still show through on the upper left side of the key with the Farsi characters on the lower right.

Farsi stickers are a very cost effective option for creating a bilingual Farsi/English keyboard.

The language stickers use an easy peel-and-stick method to install and are intended for use on a beige keyboard.


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Computer Keyboards
Computer Keyboards
Bi-lingual, large print, shortcut, and visually impaired keyboards at rock bottom prices

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keyboard stickers
keyboard stickers
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A very economical,affordable, cheap solution for creating a bilingual keyboard, Keyboard sticker for international windows and mac keyboard, make your keyboard bilanguagal international with foreign languages

Keyboard stickers for foreign languages

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Farsi Persian Transparent Ivory Computer Keyboard Language Stickers

Ivory Computer Keyboard sticker,s language sticker for farsi keyboard

Farsi Language Keyboard Stickers go on keyboard to convert it to bilingual Farsi/English keyboard, Stickers with blue letters, Farsi stickers are a very cost effective option for creating a bilingual Farsi/English keyboard