Arabic Nursery Rhymes Children's DVD: 32 Rhymes from the Arab World (Ages 1-99)

The aim of the project is to preserve these rhymes and make them accessible to the Arab child of today by presenting them in beautifully illustrated board books and as an animated DVD and audio CD

Arabic Education Source : AramediA
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Ahazeej animated Arabic nursery rhymes DVD, is a collection of 32 popular children's Arabic rhymes from all over the Arab world.

The DVD has Arabic language text dictating all the words to all the rhymes. The language is colloquial Arabic.

Collected from mothers and grandmothers with a new modern look.

The collected rhymes were categorized according to subjects and presented in three beautifully illustrated board books.

A DVD and audio CD were produced to give the modern day child the complete audio visual experience.

We hope that these rhymes will bring joy to children and become part of their childhood memories so that they in turn will pass them on to the next generation.


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Arabic Education
Arabic Education
Interactive Book, Arabic learning, التعلم
Learn Arabic Language, Arabic Children Stories, تعلم اللغة العربية ، قصص الأطفال بالعربية

Children, Education, Arabic Children Book, Kid stories in Arabic

كتاب أطفال، تعليم، كتاب أطفال عربي

Arabic Children fun story

قصة أطفال عربية ممتعة 


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Animated Arabic Nursery Rhymes Children's DVD illustrated board book

Arabic illustrated board books, animated DVD audio CD, DVD, Arabic language, Kids & Family, Arabic Education, DVD and Blu Ray, كتب عربية, كتب قصص الأطفال

Illustrated board books as animated DVD audio CD, DVD has Arabic language text dictating all words to all rhymes. language is colloquial Arabic, DVD audio CD were produced to give modern day child complete audio visual experience, rhymes will bring joy to children to become part of childhood memories