Anything Arabic Story Book About Children's Imaginations & Pretend Play

"Anything" A new Arabic story book from the (Goldfish Series) that tells the story of two kids Samar and Rami, who spend a fun afternoon play acting and are delighted when their mothers return from shopping with a surprise that they bring along.قصص الأطفال باللغة العربية

Arabic Education Source : AramediA
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(Lift the flap to see what the surprise is!) Interactive fun-filled stories for children 3-7 years old.

"Thank you for this achievement. Anything is a very valuable contribution to Arabic children stories. Our Arabic culture has yet to feel comfortable with and to appreciate the value of developing imaginative play among children. I hope that this new release from Al Salwa Books Publishing House and the accompanying article will go a long way in breaking barriers and raising consciousness among educators as well as parents." - Parent


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Arabic Education
Arabic Education
Interactive Book, Arabic learning, التعلم
Learn Arabic Language, Arabic Children Stories, تعلم اللغة العربية ، قصص الأطفال بالعربية

Children, Education, Arabic Children Book, Kid stories in Arabic

كتاب أطفال، تعليم، كتاب أطفال عربي

Arabic Children fun story

قصة أطفال عربية ممتعة 


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Arabic Story Book About Children's Imaginations & Pretend Play

Anything Arabic Story Book About Childrens Imaginations & Pretend Play, Interactive Book, E-learming, learning, children,Education, Arabic Children Book, قصص الأطفال باللغة العربية

Anything Arabic Story Book About Children Imaginations & Pretend Play, قصص الأطفال باللغة العربية