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Keyboard Cover for Microsoft 4000 Keyboard Part# 878E122

Keeps Out Dirt Dust Liquids and Contaminants - Keyboard not Included

Custom Made for USA Model Keyboard

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Protect and prolong the life of your Microsoft 4000 keyboard Dirt dust liquids and contaminants can ruin a computer keyboard in seconds.
Viziflex Seels keyboard covers prevent this potentially damaging situation by protecting your keyboard. 
while you type Molded to fit precisely over the Simply Plugo keyboard they provide reliable protection all day long without interfering with keyboard operation.

The non glare matte finish gives clear visibility of all keyboard markings 
Made of a durable flexible and strong polyurethane material that is not an issue for Latex sensitive people.
Makes it easier to wipe down your keyboard keeping surfaces clean and germ free 
and preventing the spread of bacteria Easy to install with self adhesive tabs that attach to the bottom of the keyboard. 

Note Keyboard not included. 

NOTE: Custom Made for USA Model Keyboard.


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Keeps Out Dirt Dust Liquids and Contaminants - Keyboard not Included, preventing the spread of bacteria