Tamil English USB Keyboard Stickers White Characters Letters Reverse Printed on Transparent Background

Reverse Printed (Ink on Adhesive Side) on Transparent Background (Matt Not Glossy). Tamil - English USB Keyboard Stickers. Language Keyboard Stickers.

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• Durable stickers. Stickers are manufactured of durable Lexan®. They won't tear, crack, discolor, or slip off even after years of use.

• Quality Printing. The printing is on the underside of the sticker so the INK NEVER WEARS OFF OR SCRATCHES OFF.

• Easy to Apply. The stickers are EASY TO APPLY. The stickers are printed in the same sequence that they appear on the keyboard regardless of the keyboard's original language. If necessary, stickers can be cut with scissors for special installations.

• Quality Adhesive. The Sticker adhesive firmly attaches the sticker in place without damaging the keyboard key or the original key legend. The adhesive will not ooze, harden or wear out.

• Removable. If desired, Stickers may be removed without causing damage to the original key or the legend on the key.

• Accurate Die-Cutting. Stickers are printed with rounded corners so they cover the keytop and will not pop off in use.

• Complete Alphanumeric Set. The sticker sets include stickers to cover all of the alphanumeric keys on the keyboard. The sets do not include the function keys, the control keys, or the numeric keypad.

• Bilingual Keyboard. The clear stickers do not interfere with the original characters printed on the key.

• Durable and Flexible. Stickers are flexible enough to allow you to feel the touch-typing bumps on the F and J keys.


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A very economical,affordable, cheap solution for creating a bilingual keyboard, Keyboard sticker for international windows and mac keyboard, make your keyboard bilanguagal international with foreign languages

Keyboard stickers for foreign languages

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Tamil English USB Keyboard Stickers Language Keyboard Stickers.

Durable stickers, durable Lexan manufactured Stickers, keyboard stickers, Bilingual Keyboard

Reverse Printed Ink on Adhesive Side on Transparent Background Matt Not Glossy. Tamil - English USB Keyboard Stickers. Language Keyboard Stickers. Durable stickers manufactured of durable Lexan. Bilingual Keyboard. Clear stickers don't interfere with original characters printed on key