Large Print Keyboard Labels for PCs- Black-White

Never strain your eyes again, thanks to these low vision aids. Apply these Large Print Labels on the keys of your PC or laptop computer and see letters magnified 400-percent bigger than the standard size letters.

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These large print labels for those with low vision are great for replacing worn letters, and an ideal tool for those with vision impairment.

Easy to apply using the self-adhesive backing - just peel and stick.
Contains one complete set, including functional keys, directional arrows, etc. Color: Black on White.


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Computer Keyboards
Computer Keyboards
Bi-lingual, large print, shortcut, and visually impaired keyboards at rock bottom prices

International Keyboards,Gamers, Shortcut Editing, Wireless Bluetooth Keyboards, Large Print, Computer Mice, Computer Keyboard Covers,

keyboard stickers
keyboard stickers
keyboard language stickers, bilingual keyboards overlays, Bilanguage Keyboards labels

A very economical,affordable, cheap solution for creating a bilingual keyboard, Keyboard sticker for international windows and mac keyboard, make your keyboard bilanguagal international with foreign languages

Keyboard stickers for foreign languages

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PC Large Print Keyboard Labels low vision aids magnified size letters

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Never strain your eyes again, thanks to low vision aids. Apply Large Print Labels on keys of your PC or laptop computer and see letters magnified 400-percent bigger than standard size letters